What Vitamins are needed for perfect Beard Growth?

Do you want a fierce facial hair to make yourself attractive and get more ladies falling for your luscious mane? Well, if your answer is yes, then beard growth supplements will be of great help to you in getting fuller and stronger beard. The vitamins are made to prohibit patchy stubble and permitting a healthier, firmer, stronger and fuller beard. You will see results in less than 4 weeks!

What are the beard vitamins used?

A lot of beard vitamins brands use the common ingredients which stimulate hair growth. Some of the common ones are mentioned below:


Also called Vitamin B7, it is a water dissolvable vitamin which is responsible to produce keratin and add to skin health. A deficiency of this may lead to hair thinning. As per studies, biotin is very important for the effective growth of your hair.

As it can easily get dissolved in water, a large part of it may get drained in your urine. Thus, taking high dose with water isn’t preferred.

Iron and Vitamin D

As per research, deficiency of Vitamin D teamed with low iron level in your body can also cause hair loss. Thus, consuming a supplement of iron and Vitamin will help you from avoiding such a situation but it will not help in the growth of facial hair. 

Vitamin A

The deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to the formation of white lumps in your hair follicle which may cause hair loss. It is also very important for sebum production which keep your hair from getting excessive dry or brittle. Thus, it is essential to maintain Vitamin A levels to prevent hair loss and to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Vitamin A is fat soluble; thus your body easily restores it. You can overdose it but be careful with the dose you consume.

Vitamin E

Vitamin is very essential for the growth of your hair. It helps in maintaining good blood circulation and keeps the hair follicles healthy.

Pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid is also said to make your hair follicles stronger so that they perform their task well.


It is a vitamin like component which has the repute of preventing hair thinning.

Are Beard Vitamins for beard growth costly?

Well, none of the brands are very costly. Every pill has a collection of minerals, vitamins and natural elements in more or less different amounts. They may also have herbal extracts as well as amino acids.

The best thing is that they are 100% made of natural ingredients and none of them are active. They are recommended for daily consumption and can be consumed by men of all ages. There is no age limitation. You can consume the pills as suggested on the label to meet your daily requirement. It will help you in getting the type of beard growth you want. It will nourish and moisturize your hair and provide the best care which no shampoo or hair oil could do.