What you must know before going for Lasik eye surgery

With the increasing advancement and changing lifestyle, the problems with the health of people are on the high rise. Eyes are one of the important parts of the body, without which it is completely difficult to explore the world. People suffer so many problems in their day to day lives like short sightedness, long sightedness etc. People use various temporary means to correct like vision like some people use glasses to have a proper vision while there are some people who daily put the contact lenses into their eyes and remove at night. So there was a need of permanent solution and the permanent solution has been developed, due to the advanced technology.

The permanent solution for eye correction is Lasik eye surgery and is most important and hottest tend which is being followed by people all over the world. What does the surgery includes and what things should be considered before having the Lasik eye surgery? All things should be properly monitored by you before having the Lasik eye surgery. There are a lot of things about which one should be well versed to make the vision easier. Here are certain things which one should follow or do before having the surgery which will definitely make the surgery, more convenient for you.

Consultation –

  • This is one of the major steps which should be followed; the consultation means the consultation with the eye surgeon or eye specialist. If the patient is wearing glasses from years then he/she will advise to wear glasses prior 1-2 weeks of surgery and if the patient if wearing contact lenses from pas several time then the doctor will advise the patient to discontinue the usage of contact lenses for 1-2 weeks before the surgery and remains on the glasses for the mean time. The reason for discontinuing the contact lenses is that the prolonged or continuous usage of contact lenses make some alterations in the shape of cornea and this alteration may disturb the surgical procedure.
  • Although anyone can get the laser surgery done but for some patients, it is not a viable option. So the doctor will tell that is the Lasik eye surgery is a viable option for the patient or what will be the benefits and what will be the risk factors, after complete evaluation.
  • The procedure involves the anaesthetising the cornea of the eye with the anaesthetising eye drops. After the completion of the surgery, one may feel discomfort and slight irritation in the eyes, but it is not a permanent in fact, after sometime, the irritation and discomfort will fade away. But all over, Lasik eye surgery is one of painless procedure.
  • Although the people get scared buy listening the name of surgery but there are no such hardships. The surgery is instant, perfect but only with one condition i.e., the status of the eye surgeon. One can get the Yaldo Eye Centerfrom the well known Yaldo Eye Center centre. After the surgery, one can feel the complete comfort and get rid of the process of putting the glasses again and again and putting the lenses in the eyes, again and again.