What you should be Aware of Radiation Sickness?

Radiation has been used in medicine, to make food last longer, for generating electricity, for sterilizing the equipment, to carbon date any archeological files, and for several other reasons. It would be pertinent to mention here that ionizing radiation occurs when the atomic nucleus of an unstable atom starts to decay and releases ionized particles.

The organic material, when comes in contact with these particles, such as human tissue, you should rest assured that the higher level particles would damage the tissue in significantly less time. It could result in the person suffering from various conditions inclusive of burns, gastrointestinal system, and blood problems, central and cardiovascular nervous system cancer, and at times, it could turn fatal for the patient.

It would not be wrong to suggest that radiation would be managed safely in normal circumstances. However, the usage would entail considerable risk. In the event of accidents occurring, you should rest assured that the radiation could prove harmful and dangerous.

Quick facts on radiation sickness

Find below the key points you should be aware of radiation sickness.

  • Despite radiation being around us, it has been used safely in several applications.
  • Based on the dose, the radiation effects could prove mild or fatal.
  • If you have been exposed to radiation, it would be pertinent that you seek medical attention under the energy workers compensation program.
  • Medical treatments, the work environment, and nuclear accidents could all be great sources of radiation poisoning.
  • Despite there being no cure, you could prevent exposure.

However, you could make the most of a few medications for removal of some effects of radiation from the body.

Understanding the radiation sickness

Radiation poisoning occurs when a radioactive substance sends particles that could get into the body of the person and cause significant harm. Various kinds of radioactive substances have different characteristics. They could harm and assist people in various ways and some would be relatively more dangerous than others.

Radiation has been known to occur in a safe environment. Regardless or not it becomes dangerous would be based on the following:

  • How the radiation would be used
  • How strong the radiation is
  • How often a person has been exposed
  • What kind of exposure would occur
  • For how long the exposure would last

A short and sudden, low dose of radiation would not cause any problem. However, extended and intense or for that matter repeated dose would be harmful to the body.