Whiter teeth look very beautiful and attract towards one’s smile

Teeth are as important part of the body as other parts. If it is related to face then the mouth is the most brightly visible part. In the mouth are the beautiful white teeth. The teeth are not just meant to help u eat food but also to express feelings.

The different dental care products include a variety of them. One of the best way to turn the stained yellow teeth into white shinny once through crest strips. There are few instructions that should be followed while using the crest strips. Some are mentioned below:

  • Proper placement of strips
  • Number of times use
  • Interval of time between each usage
  • Number of days to carry the process
  1. Proper placement of strips- There is a proper way to fix the strips in the teeth. Firstly, remove the liner from the strip and place the gel side of the strip on the gum line. Secondly, press the strips on the teeth and then fold the extra portion at the back of the back.
  2. Number of times use- The usage completely depends upon the patient. Some require it only once a day and some require them twice. The patient wears the crest strips according to the dentist’s instructions.
  3. Interval of time between each usage- The patient is suggested by the dentist for how long should they wear the strips. The range of time is 5-45 minutes. The interval also depends upon patient to patient.
  4. Number of days to carry the process- For some patients the process could last for about a week and on the other hand it could be for a month.

Without the proper instructions from the dentist no one should use dental whiter products. It is necessary for the patient’s proper safety to be sure before using any such products.