Why is post traumatic disorder considered to be serious condition?

The shell shock or the battle fatigue syndrome is something that develops due to traumatic experience of a person. It is a serious condition and needs to be treated as possible. This is affected when a person goes through a terrifying event or any serious physical harm that has either occurred or threatened.

When can one understand the symptoms?

The person who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder will experience shock, anger as well as nervousness and fear. The guilt in the person becomes very strong. These are very common symptoms and might go away with time. It may also happen that these symptoms continue and the person keeps away from living a normal life.

  • The symptoms usually occur in between three months of the event. It may also happen that it is seen after many years of the event. The severity of this disorder varies from person to person. The symptoms are:
  • The person suffering from post traumatic disorder relives the ordeal through thoughts and memories. This will be followed by hallucinations; flashbacks and also nightmares.They experience a feeling of distress when they think of certain things that have occurred in the past.
  • The person who is experiencing this disorder would prefer to avoid people, thoughts and places or situation that may remind them of the same trauma. This will lead to a feeling of detachment or isolation from family and friends.
  • The person becomes excessively emotional if they think of the problems that they have faced. They become irritable, face difficulty in sleeping or concentrating on certain things. The physical symptoms would include increase blood pressure, muscle tension, rapid breathing and nausea feeling.

Since the people go through the traumatic events, they have the difficulty to adjust and cope. But with the passing time and taking care of you, will help to get better. If this symptom remains unattended then it gets worse and affects the day to day schedule.