Why Sobriety Won’t Solve All Your Problems

Most of the time, regardless of alcohol and drugs, addicts think that being sober or achieving sobriety will solve their problems. Unfortunately, while it might solve some of your issues, not everything is going to be solved right away by sobriety, for the simple reason that drug and alcohol addiction is not the root of all of your problems. 

Take it this way, and there are drugs addicts who pledge to stop their drug addiction when they become sober or clear-headed. Once that they attained sobriety, all those pledges or promises are flushed down in the drain if they eventually continue to deal with drugs. And the only thing that your sobriety will solve is your drug addiction. With a good drug rehab, you will be able to resolve the mental blockages which fuel your addiction. 

Your addiction is a result of adverse effects to your mental health. While drugs can be extremely detrimental to health. Now tell me, can sobriety solve that? 

Some of your Problems was not Created by Your Addiction

You have to understand that not all your problem is created by your addiction. You may already have problems even before your addiction. These may be in the forms of diseases or illnesses or mentalhealth problems. 

Because it was not created by your addiction, it can’t be solved by sobriety. It will take a more professional action to address those kinds of actions. Don’t expect that sobriety can solve all your problems because it can’t. 

Some Problems are Created by Addiction

There are some problems that are created by your addiction. For example, due to your state of being high, you might have caused an accident, you made a debt, or simply created a trouble. Those kinds of problems are also not solvable by being sober. 

Your sobriety won’t get you out of trouble, but you will be in your senses to address those problems with a proper action. Think of it this way, sobriety maybe won’t get you totally out of the hole, but it can stop you from digging a deeper hole. 

Good News

Well, there is good news. Although sobriety is not a quick fix to your overall state or to some of your problems. But it can, later on, help your life. If you don’t have an addiction, then you will not be causing any more trouble. 

By being able to quit your addiction you may start to feel better later on life. If you quit using drugs you may start to feel better later on. Sobriety takes time to affect your body. It is proven effective but to prevent you from doing problems or issues due to your addiction. If you are sober you will be able to think logically and make good decisions in your life. 


You have to be aware that your road to sobriety won’t solve all of your existing problems but is often just the first step to creating space in which you can deal with the other stuff. Especially some of the problems that were not directly created by your addiction. Don’t expect too much on the benefit of sobriety because it is not a quick fix. You need to also focus on your health and wellbeing.

To fully recover from your problems, it will take more effort and time not just the concept of sobriety.