6 Interesting Trivia on Blue Amnesia Autoflower Seeds

If you live in the States, you are quite versed with the Marijuana laws that change very frequently and for this reason- a legal drug in most states in the US, there are many varieties of strains found.

With a variety that will baffle any new home breeder or a new commercial start-up, Good seed markets online have demarcated the various seeds and their uses, blooming period, and all the pros and cons that will help you make the best choice. One such strain available is the Blue Amnesia Auto-flower strain.

If you are looking to Buy Blue Amnesia Autoflower Seeds Online, then read this guide as it will provide you with useful insight into the particular strain and why it might be the best choice for you. Here are few facts about the strain.

Auto Blue Amnesia strain was created by cross-breeding two strains- Amnesia and Blueberry, consisting of a balance of all the popular weed genus, a whopping 40% Sativa, 40% Indica, and 20% Cannabis Ruderalis thus giving your user the best of everything.

  • The cultivation was developed by crossing Amnesia, Blueberry, and Cannabis ruderalis parent strains. This intriguing genetic fusion has developed a strain that matures quickly and has a THC content of 18%.
  • Being a sturdy and fast blooming plant takes a blooming time of only ten weeks, thus being easy to harvest, and with its high yields, it is a bonus for breeders.
  • Rich scents of floral sweetness will begin to fill the room that Auto Blue Amnesia occupies as it enters the blooming level. Additionally, when plants are smoked, their flavour profile is characterized as having bubble-gum and sweet tastes. These elements enhance the smoking experience and provide sensual stimulation to the high and excite and activate cannabinoids.
  • The high THC content of Auto Blue Amnesia’s flowers produces a powerful and long-lasting high with both Indica and Sativa characteristics. Also, seasoned smokers can be shocked by how powerful this strain can be.
  • Since Auto Blue Amnesia is auto-flowering, it develops quickly and in a limited amount of time. In reality, it only takes 9-10 weeks for this strain to grow from a small seed to a fully grown plant ready to harvest. Growers who want a stash ready as soon as possible appreciate these features. Auto Blue Amnesia is an auto-flowering strain that does not need a change in the light cycle to reach the growth cycle’s flowering stage, making it easier to grow.
  • Both indoors and outdoors, Auto Blue Amnesia can be grown. You can expect yields of up to 100g per square meter if you cultivate the strain indoors. Growers can achieve up to 200g per plant by growing the strain outdoors in garden beds and large pots.

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