Blue Dream Seeds – Effective Growing Tips For This Popular Strain

The Blue dream seeds are essentially gravitating more towards sativa than indica. Its 60 – 40 ratio means that it is heavy on Sativa and less of the Indica components. Many users love this strain for the incredible medicinal advantages it offers on consumption. With a lot of attention being given to this strain, there is naturally a high degree of curiosity among weed cultivators. Many growers would love to get unbiased advice on how to maximize yields from this strain. Some may have tried their hand at growing this strain but would have been unsuccessful in spawning the yield as expected

This post will be insightful for new cultivators as well as experienced one who want to maximize their crop’s yields. So be it Azure Haze or blue Dream strain, there are quite a few points we need to keep in mind when we get down to cultivating the seeds for its cannabis.

What points to keep in mind when cultivating the Blue Dream strain of cannabis?

The intermediate level is the grower’s level required for the plantation. It is excellent for new cultivators since it’s simple to grow. The best part is the quick blossoming time for the strain. It flowers in about 7 to 9 weeks. The grower will be rewarded with the harvest time because Blue Dream is a high yield plant producing about 21 ounces per plant.

Blue Dream has a nug-like structure. One can see full-headed mature trichomes in the buds. On the bud, no extra leaves can be seen. Blue Dream has a CBD content of 1%. For growth, the climate required is Temperate/Continental, and Sunny/Mediterranean.

The height of the Blue Dream plants is 180 to 220 cm. THC that the plant contains is 15 to 18%. The THC varies from indoor to outdoor plants and the way the plant is grown. The THC is high in the Blue Dream plant. The more the grower takes care of the plant, the more it becomes good. Also, the yield that can be done is 500 to 600 G/M2. However, each flower has four to five grams of weight. Blue Dream creates a creative and cerebral high. This chemical mixes heady effects with body relaxation causing improper coordination.

It tastes like a sweet-Earthy fruit. Also, anyone smelling it can feel a fresh smell. Its incredible medicinal properties ensures that it remains a best-selling item in many dispensaries here in Canada

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