Everything to Should Know about RF Microneedling before You Decide to Get it Done

You’re not alone in your gist to finding out the right treatments that could make your skin near-perfect. Everybody wants that. Baby soft skin that’s blemish free, young, and radiant is the term that sells most skin products. But the harsh reality is that topical skin products can work on the epidermis only. Most skin problems affect the deeper layers of the skin; which is why treating the skin in the right way is the job of a dermatologist. If you really want your skin to get radiant, dermatological treatments like RF microneedling are the only solutions. 

What makes RF microneedling Different?

RF microneedling is a skin corrective – minimally invasive – treatment where a dermatologist inserts small sterilized needles in the skin. Those needles then expose the skin to radio frequencies that promote collagen formation. This is where RF microneedling gets different – collagen, that’s a skin protein, is actually a source of cell formation. 

  • When collagen gets active, it starts producing new skin cells. 
  • New skin cells are tighter and blemish free. 
  • The newer cells start replacing the old cells. 

In the end, the entire face is a combination of new skin cells. The result is baby soft, tighter, and a younger looking skin. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, no matter what you think, RF microneedling is 100% effective. And the reason that it delivers what it claims is that it isn’t a cosmetic procedure. It is a skin treatment procedure that’s performed by dermats. 

Effective forbye, RF microneedling is safe too. It doesn’t infuse your skin with anything artificial. It focuses on making the body’s own protein active. Also, the small wounds that are done with the help of needles start the body’s natural reparation procedure. In other words, this procedure is a technique that makes the body do the work naturally.

The next thing is, where to get the procedure done from. To be very precise, Clinique is one of the best clinics in Montreal to get the treatment done. The reasons that Clinique Anti Aging RF microneedling gives effective results are listed below. 

  • Dermatologists perform the procedure, not some untrained staff. 
  • Proper precaution is followed to ensure no side effects occur. 
  • Every instrument is sterilized to ensure that no infection happens. 
  • Proper topical medications are prescribed to minimize discomfort, if any. 

To sum up, there’s nothing better than skin treatments performed by expert doctors. If you too have wrinkles, acne, or acne scars, then RF microneedling skin correction treatment will certainly help you.