Five Favorite Stretches Personal Trainers Suggest

Stretching doesn’t seem important, but is a central piece of your fitness regimen. A good stretch prevent injuries and aids in the recovery process. That is aside from warming up muscles and increasing flexibility, enabling you to exceed your normal workout capacity. Not sure where to begin with stretching? Here are  stretches the best personal trainers recommend.

Forward lunges

This stretch is designed to target the abdominal area, hips, glutes, buttocks, quads and hamstrings. It gives the calf muscles a good stretch too. The best part about lunges is that you can target one side of the body at a time. There are several advantages to using lunges as a stretch warm-up exercise. The two most important benefits are better mid-section stability and more flexibility in your lower torso and hip region.

Hip flexor stretch

The best stretches for hip flexors are kneeling hip flexor stretch, pigeon stretch, and hip flexor mobilizer. These stretches can relieve or prevent the strains from hip flexors. There are several methods that can assist when using these stretches, whether you have a strain or not. Stretching gently can be extremely effective in preventing tightness in the muscles surrounding the hip joint. Cold compressions and heat therapy can also give relief.

Drop squats

This move gives a good stretch in the quad, hamstring, and groin areas. You also gain an added bonus of working multiple muscle groups. Drop squats are also important because you can do them with no extra weight and still get great results.

Butterfly stretch

The focus of this stretch is the hip adductors, small muscles in the inner thigh close to the groin area. These muscles are important for body movement. This stretch is very simple and convenient. Sit on the floor, place the bottoms of your feet together, put your knees up and press your elbows down on your inner thighs. Press down as far as you can.

Standing tricep stretch

This is another simple stretch that you can execute easily. It targets the shoulders, chest muscles, back and triceps. Do this stretch by standing upright, placing your arm over your head, and pulling in the opposite direction across the body at the elbow.

A personal trainer will make sure your form is correct to get the most from your stretches. Book one hear you today at!