Gym Insurance for Health & Fitness Industry

Gym insurance is designed to cover the necessary costs if any injured member files a lawsuit against you. It’s a form of business insurance that provides double layer protection. Gyms usually have heavy equipment and slippery floors at times, so it’s insurance is a vital step towards protecting the business.


All businesses involve risk:  This is particularly true for every gym centres. Gym members can get injured on the slippery gym floor, and a severe natural disaster could hit the business. Hence, the need for insurance.

Most gym owners are, and members are lawsuit happy:  Most members take pleasure in filing a lawsuit against a gym centre for even the smallest injury substained in their premises. And some gym owners usually find themselves in a dilemma and confused about the next step to take when these lawsuits hit them. The right insurance coverage can save you from such an embarrassment and confusing state.

Bankruptcy is not funny: Running into debt as a result of incessant financial problems and severe recurring expenditure can make licensed gym operator bankrupt in no distant time.



Typical gym insurance is channeled to the kind of risks your business face. On the average it involves the insurance cover as stated below:

Business and property insurance:

This covers the expenses related to any damage caused by fire, natural disaster and theft.

General liability:

This covers all the various injury that could happen at the gym. From accident caused by weight lifting to slippery floors.

Professional liability:

This is also known as errors and omission insurance. This covers all the legal expenses if your trainers or coaches accidentally injures a client or sustain injury themselves.

Othe viable coverage option might include coverage for equipment and vehicles if you have off-site workouts. A qualified insurance agent is capable of informing you about the kind of risks you should get an insurance cover against. And how you should go about it.

Most modern gym centres aren’t just a few dumbbells and machines. Often there’s other office equipment (including computers and other electronics), stock (e.g. protein shakes and supplements) and sometimes even kitchen and healthcare equipment. Ensure you furnish your insurance agent with enough information about the state of your gym facility and the business in general. As a gym owner, it’s likely that you’ll have a mixture of full and part-time/temporary employees to run your classes. With the right insurance cover, you can rest assured that all employees under your supervision and control as an employer will be covered as part of the employers’ liability aspect of your policy. We all know that businesses are constantly facing threats and risks, but long standing businesses have lower risk compared to new entrants. A gym center is not an exception to this fact. However, no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you should seek appropriate advice along the way to help get the right cover and reduce your risk.