How Healthy Is Eating Raw Mango?

Come summer, we all look forward to eating mangoes. In India, small raw mangoes start flooding the market from the end of February and the arrival of this vitamin rich, tangy fruit not only signifies summer but also those childhood memories of biting into those yummy crunchy pieces, with salt and chilli powder rubbed on it.

Surprisingly, raw mango though fruit also plays the role of an important vegetable during the season. Mango dal, pieces of raw mango cooked along with toor dal or pigeon peas is a delectable Indian dish whereas different types of pickles made from using a wide variety of raw mangoes available in the markets across the country. It is known as kachchi kairi in Hindi, pachi maamidikaya in Telugu, pachi maanga in Tamil.

While we all agree that ripe, succulent mangoes are a powerhouse of nutrition, many of us are unaware of the nutritional content available in raw mangoes.

If you have a question on how healthy is eating raw mango, let us answer. The tasty fruit, which feels firm and hard to touch, is loaded with great nutrition. Low on calories and saturated fats, with no trace of sodium and cholesterol a 100 grams serving of raw mango offers you with copious amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, zinc and is a rich source of dietary fibre.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Raw Mango?

Prevents Dehydration:

Summers can be quite exhausting for all age groups and intense heat waves can cause severe dehydration during this season. It is important to sip on lots of fluids to maintain electrolyte balance and raw mango juice serves as an instant cooler. This super delicious drink, mixed with a pinch of cumin powder and salt pumps the body with iron, sodium and replenishes the lost fluids for preventing severe fatigue.

Promotes Healthy Liver:

Traditional medicine suggests chewing on fresh pieces of raw mango for those suffering from liver related ailments. Chewing on 2 to 3 pieces raw mango daily stimulates the secretion of bile juices into the small intestine for faster absorption of fats, breaking down the food besides eliminating harmful toxins, microbes present in the food.

Slows Down Scurvy:

Raw mango rich in vitamin C is a home remedy if you are suffering from Scurvy, a chronic condition that often results in bleeding gums, sudden bruises, severe weakness and fatigue. The huge amounts of vitamin C in raw mango aids in the formation of red blood cells besides increasing the elasticity in blood vessels.

Bolsters Immunity:

Raw mango is your daily fruit for promoting immunity and to build stamina against fighting various infectious diseases. Ayurveda recommends eating raw mango pieces daily or including it in the form of dal, pickle in your daily diet for that quintessential dose of vitamins C, A and essential nutrients. It also improves vision, promotes hair growth and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Strengthens Dental Health:

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition and it can be eliminated easily by eating pieces of raw mangoes. The vitamin C in this tangy fruit provides fresh breath and also strengthens gums, lowering the risk of tooth cavities.