How Much Does it Cost to Use an Egg Donor?

Having children and starting a family is a goal for countless would-be parents all across the world, but some women may find the dream of natural conception stripped away from them when they learn they are unable to conceive on their own. Seeking an alternative, many parents instead turn to egg donation.

Egg donation is a process with many moving parts, and the costs add up quickly. It’s important for would-be parents to research egg donor cost well before beginning the process so there are no nasty surprises along the journey to parenthood.

How Much Does an Egg Donation Cost?

The overall price of an egg donation varies from donation to donation, but the base cost per donation is around $10,000. Donations offered with additional services or with experienced donors may cost up to $40,000 but will have included services to make the process run more smoothly and comfortably.

Cost Breakdown of an Egg Donation

There are multiple expenses that make up the overall cost of using egg donation, and understanding what services are provided can help future parents understand the value of each line item. Here are the expenses that make up the core of an egg donation:

  • Psychological Evaluation of the Egg Donor: $400
  • Handling of the Donor Legal Agreement: $350–$400
  • Agency Processing Fee: $3,550–$8,550
  • Donor Cycle Insurance: $340–$400
  • Donor Compensation: $4,500–$10,000

The agency fee includes several fundamental expenses relating to the egg donation process. It includes the recruitment and pre-screening of the donor (including fertility and background testing), donor management, and more. More expensive packages may additionally include travel coordination and multi-cycle management.

Price Variance of Egg Donation By Donor

Egg donor cost varies widely from donor to donor largely because of how widely the donors themselves vary. Parents who want donors of a specific ethnicity may have to pay a higher rate, as will parents who seek out donors who have donated in the past, who are traveling from out of state or are college educated. The more specific requirements for a donor the parents have, the more difficult it can be to find an affordable egg donor. For parents who find egg donation costs prohibitively expensive, there are many programs in place where third parties donate and match donations to help parents fund an egg donation.

The process of egg donation can be long, tedious, and expensive, but the reward of carrying and delivering a child is more than worth it. Reach outto The Donor Solution today if you’re interested in learning more about egg donation and if it’s right for you.