How To Harvest Regular Cannabis Plants?

In this article, we are going to talk about the most exciting stage of your cultivation of cannabis plants like Jilly Bean Regular – the harvesting. The first thing that you are supposed to do is get rid of all the large water leaves from your plant. Removing these leaves won’t affect your yield because these leaves aren’t attached to the buds. They are attached to the branches and the main stem.

Professional growers prefer keeping some of these bigger leaves as indicators. These leaves alert the experts about any problem with the plant. Getting rid of the leaves that are attached to the stem will vacate more plant space, and the buds on the lower part of the plant will receive more direct light.

This is the time when you should stop spraying your plants so that there are no chemical residuals near the buds in the final stages. Flushing your plants like the before harvest is a must. Especially when using chemical fertilizers. Flushing means gradually cutting out nutrients during final few weeks.

The following timetable needs to be followed:

  1. a) In week five or six of flowering, you should stop feeding nitrogen.
  2. b) Three weeks from harvest, eliminate all micronutrients and cut the bloom phosphorus nutrient half-strength.
  3. c) Two weeks from harvest, feed only water and enzymes to break down the excess nutrients.
  4. d) Last week before harvest, use purified water.

If you are using super soil, your plants have been getting plain water all along. But you can’t finish them with a dose of enzymes. Another good tip is to make sure you stop watering one to two days before harvest without letting your plants completely dry. You don’t want to harvest a wilted plant.

The last thing that you need to take care of before harvest the plants is preparing your drying room. It could be a closet or a tent you grew in. it can be any space; the only thing to take care of is that the place should be dark and not subject to drastic temperature swings. Space needs to be cool with a temperature of around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level should be 50 to 60%. These conditions allow the flowers to dry slowly.

Once the room is ready, it is time to cut down the plants. The best thing is to cut down and dry the whole plant; cutting it into smaller pieces makes everything dry too rapidly to deliver the best smoke. The plants can likely touch each other when you hang them as they will shrink soon enough. You want to hang them for seven to ten days. This provides the optimal smoke ability.

There you have it, the whole harvesting process explained in this small piece of write-up. Follow the steps mentioned, and soon, you will be harvesting incredible yields from your cannabis plant such as the Jilly Bean Regular.