How To Properly Take Care Of 5 Alive Seeds?

There are numerous stains available in the market that give the user different effects and experiences. Depending upon the taste preferences and the budget, you can buy high-quality seeds from local pharmacies and online seed banks. 

There is a special strain of weed available in the market known as 5 alive seeds that have been a favorite among many weed enthusiasts. Due to its sweet and fruity flavors and high sativa concentration levels, it is mainly used by people for an energetic and fun day. 

You have to take special precautions while storing the cannabis seeds because if proper care is not taken, the seed will rot, and the quality will decline. You will not be able to enjoy the trip properly. This article will explain the 5 alive seeds and how to take proper care of the seeds so they remain fresh for longer periods. 

1- What are 5 alive seeds?

5 alive seeds are a combination of three strands into one. The three strains used are Grape pie, Bubblegum, and Orange juice. As you can guess from the composition, it is a citrus and mouth-watering strain with a sweet taste of melon. When you taste the buds of this particular strain, it feels like you have taken a bite out of a ripe fruit that has all three flavors combined. 

5 alive seeds are a sativa dominant hybrid with one of the highest THC concentration levels, which is around 29%. After the first couple of puffs, you can feel a sudden rush of energy and create a creative mood for you to work. The body is also less prone to feel the pain during the trip, and also the healing factors are activated in this state. Usually, the 5 alive seeds are grown outdoors in natural sunlight and require an adequate growth place. 

2- How to properly take care of the 5 alive seeds?

The temperature of the storing space plays an important role in the conservation of the seeds. The seeds require an ideal temperature of 6℃ to 8℃. The environment’s humidity should be around 25% to 30% for the seeds to remain healthy throughout. Special containers are available that help store the seeds properly so that even the change in outside temperature and humidity won’t have a huge impact on the seeds. The containers are conical in shape and are made up of polypropylene. 

The light plays an important factor in the conservation of the seeds. If the seeds are exposed to a powerful light, then there are chances that some seeds may lose their germinative power. One common problem at seed banks that newbies operate is that they do not label the seeds properly. If the seeds are not labeled properly, they mix, and the users won’t get the desired strain preventing them from experiencing the trip they had planned. The containers in which the seeds are placed must not be frequently opened and closed. Opening and closing the containers frequently makes the seed lose its protection. 

To sum it up

Many factors must be taken into account while storing the seeds. You must consult an expert at Homegrown Cannabis Co and learn from them how to keep the seeds safe from any hazards.