How to Safely Use Essential Oils

In the present scenario, aromatherapy is growing at a rapid pace. Public is using it because there are no side effects of using it on kids as well as on adults. Google is registering thousands of search queries everyday related to the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. They are beneficial in reducing anxiety, stress, elevating the mood and giving a good night’s sleep. Other than these, there are several other health benefits of using organic essential oils. On the other hand, there is a problem that people are not properly informed about its usage. They think that it is difficult to find a safe way to use these oils. In this article, we will discuss a couple of guidelines that will help you use pure essential oils safely with enhanced confidence.


If you use essential oils via inhalation, it will not go wrong. The general perception is when you inhale oil for a long period; it will cause headache nausea and a couple of other problems. On the contrary, when you inhale the same essential oil using diffuser or by putting a few drops on a tissue, then you will not face any kind of complication. This is one of the safest ways to use essential oil to get enormous health benefits.

Topical use

We generally search on the Internet about anything we want to know. Internet provides us information related to every aspect of our life, but it is imperative on our part to get the information from a genuine source. When we follow unauthentic information,it will not only derail our health benefits, but it will leave us on a spot where there is no direction. So always, take information from a genuine source, this ensures that you will get established fact backed by research.

When you use pure essential oils directly on your skin, it may bring some negative effects. Do not forget to dilute essential oils in carrier oil like coconut oil before using it on your skin. When you dilute these oils, it becomes a safe way to get its benefits. Eventhen, there is a chance of reaction like rashes. Therefore, it is good to follow a patch test. You can apply the same oil, which is diluted on your inner forearm or on your legs and wait for 24 hours to see any kind of skin reaction.


Nowadays, ingestion of essential oil is becoming common. You are supposed to understand that ingesting organic essential oils in large amount can be a dangerous practice for your liver and kidney. Our bodies cannot absorb these compounds instantly, this is the reason we need to provide them in a suitable manner. Remember that you cannot consume drugs without consulting your doctor. The same you have to do when you need to ingest essential oils. You are supposed to consult an expert. There are several health benefits of using essential oils, but when we ingest it in more than the recommended dose, it may be toxic.