Quantifying Benefits of Standardizing LIMS

LIMS were at one point only installed to address needs of each individual laboratory, but now as adopting has improved and many companies have merged or acquired new companies, there is now no unified LIMS strategy that laboratories follow. This makes it difficult to determine how these systems are serving the business. Without a unified strategy, many labs are continuing to just follow procedures they are accustomed to, without realizing the efficiency of the processes. By standardizing the LIMS approach, it can make it easier to understand the benefits that the system has to offer. Some of the benefits included reduced direct costs, raising IT productivity, and increased end user productivity.

When there is a standard procedure in place, there are reduced direct costs when it comes to equipment purchase, improved efficiency, and decreased training expenses. When money is spent standardizing the process, then companies will actually save on hardware and software.

If processes are standardized, the IT department spends less time troubleshooting and working on problem resolution. This means that there is decreased time for the system to be down. IT departments will no longer have to maintain expertise on multiple factors of the LIMS and should only know the standard procedures so that fewer resources are needed. When standard configurations are in place, you can reduce the time required for deployment, integration, and upgrades of the system.

Not only will standardizing the system make the IT department more effective, but it also helps with end-user productivity. Users will have more access to data and a better ability to report that information, so they can be more productive with their time. Many companies that have a standardized system say they benefit from consistent documentation, which leads to faster and more efficient validation of the systems. These companies have lower implementation costs and the users of the system benefits from better functionality and faster access.

Since these systems are a critical component, it’s important to show that standardization is a senior level initiative. With the right project manager, standardization and implementation can be done to start to see some of the benefits. Many people may be reluctant to start standardization at first and may prefer the already established process, but standardization will save everyone time and money.

Standardization helps ease the burden of trying to manage multiple vendors and different relationships. With standardization and a one-vendor approach, you can start to see all of the benefits above. Selecting a vendor that can implement your system is one of the most important decisions you can make when moving toward standardization. The vendor should provide the implementation and support for the long term, so you can have a well-established project. Please visit AutoVillage.co.uk to get Vehicle Leasing or Used BMW 5-Series