Substantiality of regular health checkups

Pandemic has revamped the conventional way of doing things in our regular lives. Many things, including our perspective,  work, and the healthcare checkups, took a 360° tumultuous turn and have changed everything drastically.

But taking care of our health should always be of utmost priority. Our body is the vessel that keeps us healthy and alive. So it’s mandatory to get regular checkups done!

Online consulting

We all know we are going through a tough time because of the pandemic. But that’s when Portland Medical care comes in handy. If you are missing out on an appointment or could not physically go to the hospital.

You can always book an appointment online with a general physician available 24/7 at your service. You could tell your symptoms and based upon which you will be given medication or further extensive treatments. On the contrary, you can also have an at-home checkup done too if it’s inevitable.

Services and treatments

At Portland Medical Centre, it’s not just about regular health checkups and blood tests or prescriptions for medication. They offer a wide range of services and treatments for their patients, which includes :

Specialists clinic

  • Maternity clinic – Are you expecting? And you are worried about your health and baby’s well-being? We have expert OB/GYN and certified midwives who could assist you in childbirth and postnatal.
  • Phlebotomy clinic – Those who cannot come over to our center can visit our blood taking samples clinic.
  • Vaccination/Flu clinic – You can book an appointment to get your vaccine shot if you’re pregnant or over 65 years old.
  • HIV/AIDS test clinic – It might be daunting to visit a clinic for an HIV or AIDS test; that’s why Portland made it very easy for patients to do a Walk-in based no-appointment clinic.
  • Child immunization clinic – Their expert GPs do appointment-based vaccination and checkups for children.


  • Electronic Prescription Service(EPS) – If you are getting a repeat prescription from your GP. Your GP can send you an EPS avoiding your travel time, and your medicines can be bought at your local pharmacy.
  • Quit smoking & drinking alcohol – Portland medical centre got innovative by creating an app for smokers and alcohol abuse people to encourage them to quit smoking and drinking through the app. It works wonders.
  • Old age carer support – They have care support for older people inclusive of many features.

Choose Portland Medical centre

Portland medical centre offers many online facilities and at-home check ups by NHS to keep a check on your health. They also provide free health checkups to people above 40 years old. They make sure they provide all the services and treatment available to alleviate and cure your disease. They have every specialist in their clinic, and as a patient, you need not worry about choosing the right medical centre for you.

For more details, kindly check out their website to know about the services and treatments that they offer in their medical centre :