Tea: How does it Help in Stress Reduction

Stress is a common problem faced by almost everyone, and it eventually turns into a part of a lively hood for most people. Stress has a diverse definition and meaning for everyone, be it a mother who has to balance work and family responsibilities or a child who has to go through school challenges. However, most people are unable to work out or meditate. But that doesn’t insinuate that there isn’t other option to look out for. Teas are known for its medicinal effect which is still inconclusive in the market. It is advisable to take herbal tea which helps relaxation and eliminating dehydration. One of the components of herbal teas is antioxidants which are generally good for health. Although tea doesn’t have the absolute cure for any illness, it helps prevent and reduce some frightful illness like cancer. There are different teas in existence and of which you are yet to know their importance and benefit.


As regards to many scientific studies, it has been proven that hibiscus holds a greater chance of reducing high blood pressure in an individual. It has been recommended to have three cups each day for effective progress.


This is a herbal tea, known for its high effect on reducing anxiety symptoms without being addicted to it. It is usually consumed after a meal in most parts of Kashmir. This tea should be consumed in less quantity because an excess intake of it can lead to liver damage.

Essiac tea

Essiac tea is a natural way of treating cancer. It is an effective herbal means that kicks against cancer. It has been proven that essiac tea for cancer treatment by CBD international is an ultimate stop to different kinds of cancer like the hormone-refractory prostate cancer.


Passionflower has similar benefits to that of the kava tea. It can also be referred to Kavalite which is used in some soft drinks, for example, the Hawaiian punch.

Valerian Root

This tea is best known for its ability in soothing anxiety symptoms. The first consumption should be made during the night, and it’s advisable to suspend driving because of it’s intoxicating nature.


Ginseng helps in insomnia, stress and nervous exhaustion despite the fact it is naturally bitter. It reduces excessive fat in the body and also a means in cancer cell reduction.


Peppermint has the upper hand in solving digestion problems. It is a caffeine free tea which also acts as a mild sedative.


Insomnia and stress can be overpowered by chamomile. It is one of the most sorts after teas in the country of recent.


Lavender tea helps to reduce nervous breakdown, irritability, tension, and indigestion.

However, teas are of great importance in the health issues. It helps to reduce stress, indigestion and deadly illnesses like cancer.