The Beauty of Adaptive Motion Trainers

The adaptive motion trainers (AMT) in your local Anytime Fitness gym are arguably the easiest fitness equipment to use, even for beginners. Let’s just say that there isn’t an incorrect way of using them although we must also say that it’s always best to use fitness equipment with care. By the way, full access to the AMTs is provided when you sign up for membership, usually as soon as you pay for the corresponding Anytime Fitness prices.

Adapts to Your Needs

Most AMTs are so easy to use even a beginner will know how to use it. Well, of course, you may require assistance from a gym staff but you can also just observe other gym-goers before stepping on an available AMT.

You will likely find it easy to operate, too – just step on the pedals, get a relaxed yet secure grip on the stationary handlebars, and press start. Your legs will start moving and your movements will feel surprisingly more natural than you expected. You may, nonetheless, require a short practice until you feel more comfortable and confident on an AMT, but it will likely be a shorter time than on, say, a treadmill or an elliptical.

Once you’ve become more familiar with it, you will agree that, indeed, it’s the best 3-in-1 fitness equipment you’ve ever come across! We say that it’s the most user-friendly cardio equipment, too.

Its beauty lies in the fact that you can control it easily without pressing more buttons and getting off it. You just change your stride and voila! You can change the intensity of your workout.

Or as many reviews say it, an AMT allows for on-the-fly, user-defined automatic motion control. You can use an AMT for different workouts since it allows for different styles and settings. You won’t likely face the issue of plateauing and boredom when you’re using an AMT to your advantage.

With it, you can step or walk, run, and jog depending on your mood. You just need to adjust the depth and length of your stride so you can transition from a stair step to a short-stride, mid-stride, and long-stride.

Targets Different Muscle Groups

Many AMTs are equipped with a stride dial on a digital console that displays real-time confirmation of the muscles being targeted for a specific setting. These machines also come with preset workout options and resistance levels, which allow for more variety than on a treadmill or elliptical.

The targeted muscles depend on the depth and length of stride chosen. Each combination will target a specific muscle group, such as:

  • Climbing, which involved short up-and-down strides, is suitable for quad development
  • Short, which mimics walking, works on the quads mainly as well as on the hamstrings and glutes
  • Mid-range, which mimics jogging, targets the hamstrings, glutes, and calves
  • Long, which resembles running, works all the muscle groups in your lower body

Keep in mind that you should be in control of the machine and it takes practice. But it shouldn’t be a problem – getting as many practice runs as possible – since the Anytime Fitness prices for membership already covers access to the AMTs.