What is the BEST Foam Roller for maximizing athlete performance and recovery?

If you are an athlete, you will know what foam rollers are. It is very efficient and is cheaper compared to sports massages. It requires a very small amount of space and sometimes can hurt you, and when it hurts you, you will know that you are doing it right.

What can a Foam Roller do?

Foam rolling is the method of self-myofascial release. It means that it is a soft tissue massager. When you use the foam roller, you are going to recover the tight spots and knots which builds up while exercising or training. You can use foam roll in all over your body from back, legs, hips and other parts.

The primary job of the foam roller is to increase blood flow and circulation, helps the scar tissue to recover, and stretching out muscles of your body.

When should you use foam rollers? Before or after a run

After a run you can use a foam roller to stretch your tired muscles out and also it will prevent you to get any injuries while you were running.

You can also use it before as a warm-up device. It will increase blood flow in active muscles. It will help you to increase your performance by mobilizing your joints and muscles.

If you don’t have much time, you try to accommodate foam rollers just for 10 minutes before your bedtime in your routine.

What type of foam roller should you use?

Before selecting a foam roller, you have to first find out for what do you need a foam roller, stretching or exercising, and how tight your muscles are. If you want one for your back, you are advised to choose a long one so that you will be able to roll with it under your back. For all-round use, you can use PVTL Roller, and they are the best rollers now as they will make you feel you are out of your body.

You can buy PVTL Roller in stores and also online on Amazon; they will deliver the product right at your doorstep.