Why it is rare that foreigners are therapists

Therapy is one of many treatments that can help you understand your mind. It would not be wrong to say that therapists work is to help people accept their feelings and take the right steps in life. However, you might have noticed that in various countries the therapists are local. There are only a few foreigners who are working as a therapist. Have you ever questioned why that is so? Here are a some reasons that will help you understand why.

There exists a one-way society

Jakub Tencl is one of the hypnotherapists who is originally from the Czech Republic, completed his studies in Los Angeles and currently working in London. He is also a writer and been helping his clients in various regions of London, Brighton, and Prague. He says that if a therapist is trying to set up his practice in a different country, it might be hard. The obvious reason is that rules and regulations to get licensed are different. As well as seems that multicultural society finds it hard to work with a foreigner-therapist because of a potential misunderstanding of their issues.

He also is adding that you will be surprised to know that people are accepting local therapists who have studied in a different country, but they will less accept a foreigner who has been studying and living in the same country. I think that this concept needs to be changed.

Challenges of counseling are tough

There are various challenges that foreigners-therapists have to face due to which they do not prefer practicing their skills in different countries. The first challenge is getting licensed. They have to be certified by the law to practice. In fact, in order to get licensed, they have to assure that their educational degrees meet the requirements of the country.

Foreigners as therapists

There are a few foreigners who are working therapists, and they are providing some of the best services. According to Jakub Tencl, we are living in a multicultural society which is beautiful because of its diversity. That is why having a foreigners therapist can be really helpful to understand the problems of the people who belong to different origins.

It would be better to increase awareness that foreigner therapists are as talented as local therapists. They have the ability to understand people from different cultural backgrounds. It means they might be able to know what you are going through and will provide you with the best solution that can help you in various ways.

Even local therapists should encourage clients to interact with foreigner therapists as well. It is owing to the reason that both client and therapist have the same cultural background. Obviously, there are various problems that can be easily resolved. We need therapists like Jakub Tencl who can help clients regardless of geographical differences and boundaries.

Author: Shoaib